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From Blackmaskipedia, the imaginary and totally made up, online encyclopedia

(An Explanation of The Enigmatic BLACKMASK)
BLACKMASK is a real Business Mentor who won his spurs selling office machinery in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. With a career in sales spanning more than 35 years, he has experience at the sharp end in a tough capital equipment market place.
BLACKMASK has built up extensive experience in sales recruitment, development and management techiniques, and is well placed to provide relevant mentoring support to businesses looking to improve their sales activities.
Since 2006, Blackmask has povided a wide range of sales mentoring services to businesses across Aberdeenshire, and more recently, since January 2016, has been providing this same support more formally as a Growth Adviser with Elevator and the Business Gateway. Want to find out more?

So what’s the BLACKMASK all about?

BLACKMASK was set up in 2006 as a sales mentoring consultancy aimed at supporting early start businesses who were light on sales experience, but big on plans for success.

Many new start businesses find that their experiences to date may not have been particularly sales focused, this is a problem if they want to sell things!

BLACKMASK knows how to sell things and can show others how to do it too.

In short, it’s all about the ‘Sales Process’.

Most companies appreciate the need to have processes in their business, stock control, administration and manufacturing, for example would not run smoothly without an understood process, You may have come across companies who fall short of process in these areas, they’re pretty easy to spot!

The strange thing is, that many businesses don’t appreciate the need to have a sales process and instead will cross their fingers hoping the phone will ring with an order!

Businesses without a sales process are usually pretty easy to spot as well, especially when the going gets tough, because the tough just don’t know how to get going!

Embed a bit of sales process in your business and things can be very different, you’ll be able to understand the relationship between the application of effort and results that might bring.

It’s often much easier than you’d think to make a meaningful change, and remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

And what’s the story behind the logo?

Well, the logo aims to associate itself with that spirit of good intention and timely assistance which was delivered so ably by those heroes of a bygone age.

A masked man riding to the rescue and fending off the baddies, leaving the townsfolk in a better, happier state than when he’d first arrived.

Whether you’re masked hero was Zorro or the Lone Ranger, it doesn’t really matter, the message is the same, when the guy in the BLACKMASK comes to town, help is at hand, and things are going to work out fine.

If you need help from BLACKMASK you can do it by sending him a message.