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JEDI Sales Workshop – mind blowing and eye opening, process focused programme. Well-structured, practical, entertaining, informative, engaging and interactive workshop that not only helps to understand personal limitations and barriers, but also shows practical and successful selling approaches and techniques.

Exceptional delivery! Gordon is an incredibly knowledgeable professional with years of personal hands on experience that inspires and motivates individuals. Greatly beneficial, I would recommend it to any business!


Director, 1CSI

Gordon’s Sales process was the one I felt most fearful about. But by the end of day 2 realised there was nothing to fear. All based on fact and with definite customer needs for my service to be able to sell my busness better it was a true ‘light bulb’ moment.

This was by far the most I’d learned in a training day for many years. What I gained most from this training was my confidence in selling my business, to grow it.

Laura Walker

Director, Fitness Her Way

Very useful course to return to my company to assist with the sales process. Many areas to take back to my everyday job which I’m sure will prove very beneficial. Great Course.

Mark Muir

Manager, IKM Testing

Hi Gordon,
Really enjoyed your workshop this week on trojans, sales techniques and life. You have some really interesting stories and I love your style. Look forward to catching up on the 26th,
Kind regards,

Jamie Cameron

Director, Aberdeen Art

Very well structured training, interactive with inclusion of each student for each of their businesses, types of customer.

Paul Edge

Director, Sabre Advanced 3D Surveying Systems Ltd

Brilliant Course Gordon

Jack Simpson

Managing Director, JS BIOMASS LIMITED

Fantastic and refreshing new approach to sales in a digital age. Practical nuggets to take away.

Amanda Charteris

Managing Director, Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous

Would appreciate more one to one mentoring, truly educational course, would sit through it all again!

James Buchan

Managing Director, Amity Fish Co Ltd

Brilliant 😊

Melissa Forrest

Director, Your Local List

“Gordon delivered his sales workshop up at Brew Toon Microbrewery recently and we all really enjoyed the session, taking away a lot of valuable learning from Gordon’s experience working in Sales.

The section on “Trojan’s” was particularly interesting and has given us plenty food for thought in our new sales approach…”


Cameron Bowden

Director, Brew Toon

I found the course really helpful – and even put up my prices today for the first time in 3 years without apologising but rather explaining why it was still great value and useful to people 🙂

It was a huge help!

Jess Hippey

Director, Close & Calm

I cannot recommend the Jedi Sales Workshop enough, Gordon is a true Jedi Master of Sales.

Not only has he been there, done that and got the t-shirt but has then used the t-shirt as a trojan to get past those pesky Gatekeepers.

If you are in business you can’t afford not to experience this workshop, I guarantee you will learn and take away something that will change the way you approach sales.

The Force is strong with this one!!

Mark Thouless

Director, Flux

Thank you once again for the experience!

It was mind blowing for me to see that everything we do is the right thing, it was such a nice experience for me as a salesperson and a good opportunity to refresh my memory.

Your energy , your charisma gave me a flash back of what I used to be !

They were many things that I also learned and I m very excited to apply them at the right time!

Valentina Ayalon

Director, Jericho

I attended one of Gordon Mackay’s sales workshops recently and found it incredibly beneficial. The workshop really pulled apart and challenged how I approach new clients. I have tried and tested the techniques, and they are very effective. Gordon is an incredibly gifted individual who teaches from personal experience. I cannot recommend this enough.

Scott Wallis

Director, Intec Analysis

Very useful informative course

Rosemary Henderson

Director, R I Henderson Electrical

Really enjoyed the workshop, excellent trainer, thank you.

Tracie Lovie

Managing Director, Diversity Energy

Great session to enhance skills and many reminders of knowledge already there. Motivating for building to the future.

Pamela Evans

Managing Director, Masie Jane

The facilitator was very knowledgeable from his sales background and therefore added to the background.

James W Kennedy

Manager, Gordon Highlanders Museum

Gordon is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and I learnt a lot and enjoyed the course.

Lynne Adu

Director, CORE Business Group Limited

Overall the course was adapted to suit the needs of each business in attendance and at a level that everyone was able to understand and relate to. Gordon was very knowledgeable and was happy to share his own personal experiences with the group. I am sure everyone left the course with at least two or three points which they can use to further develop their own skill set.

Alister Clark

Director, Tillycroy Support Services

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